I was pleasantly surprised when I used this cloth for the first time. It plumps up when moistened, and has a lush feel to the cloth. It suds up well with little soap which can be important when using an expensive soap that you want to last for a while. It also gently exfoliates the skin, unlike a loofah, and can be used safely daily, especially important on aged or delicate skin. What I also liked about the cloth is that when it drys it maintains it’s luxurious original look. I really liked the material and yearned for a sleeveless top made out of the same fabric. Just a thought. ..

Wendy A. Sharpe (Smyrna, GA)

I purchased this product based on the fact that it has received 5 stars thus far. And, I totally agree. This wash cloth is great for your face and is saving me money because I do not have to purchase a special facial scrub. I suffer from cystic acne and so far I have not had any breakouts since using this washcloth with my regular cleanser.

B. Manuel (Manila)

I have tried so many brands but this is the only one that gives me very very smooth skin. It easily removes pimples and small bumps. The smoothness i get from this cloth is so much better than what i get from the spas i tried. I use it too for my face and neck and the results are wonderful !!! Will definitely recommend this.

Ross Symons

To put it simply, this cloth is amazing. I have always suffered from rough skin and lots of pimples surfacing all over my body. I have tried a lot of creams and exfoliating scrubs but never thought of a cloth like this before. I am so happy that I found the SpaCloth Deluxe because now I have velvety smooth skin every time I use it. What is also noticeable is that I don’t have any red or tender skin after using it; it just leaves it smooth with no irritation. After using this product I will never bother with anything else again, I have seen immediate results and could not be happier. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to give their skin a fresh new feel with fantastic smoothness. Thanks SpaCloth!

Olisi Johnson (Washington, D.C.)

This product is everything I expected and more. I will never use a regular wash cloth again…

Katie W.

I first got to experience this cloth at a Hilton hotel and Spa while I was on holiday. I had never heard of the product before and normally I don’t use any kind of cloths or particular exfoliation techniques. As I was at a spa I thought I may as well give this a go and I do not regret this one bit!

To sum it up – my skill felt softer, looked more radiant and just felt plain amazing. I can run my hand up and down my arm and it feels perfect to touch without any kind of irritation or soreness. Since getting home from my holiday I have ordered one of these for myself and partner to use (She even commented how smooth my skin was!). Definitely a product for anyone looking to add that extra smooth feeling to their skin.As an extra but quite obvious little tip – Add a small amount of shower gel to the cloth and lather it up. You can get a large amount of lather just from a small amount of gel.I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking for great exfoliation!

David B. (Los Angeles, California)

My first and only review I gave this a (3 ) rating which I thought I was being generous at the time! Conditionally I would give a final review later if I did not see some kind of positive reaction to thread on, an even might send them back; as I bought (2) towels. I’ve sensed gotten (2) emails I believe from the Manufacturer about using their product and asking why I did not love it. I bought it thinking it was a face towel basically and that it’s only use was in the shower to scrub and wash up with an intentional sensitive surface design which I did not think was worth $15.00 plus. But I concluded and told the Manufacturer that it dripped when I used it also as a wash cloth outside of the shower which I normally did with my traditional face towels. It was a turnoff hanging sometimes from the towel rack after using it outside of the shower producing puddles on my bathroom floor!

Well whoa, I did not realize what this towel was and is good for until last week from this writing after having it for about a month of steady or at least mildly disappointment.

Well, soaping up is what I excessively love! As I’ve bought several different products that you put soap inside where the material is against the soap and I get moderate or good soap reaction from them. But this towel is extremely great in this direction. On a small piece of caress soap I will get mounds and mounds of lathered soap. Where I don’t rinse off until I finish showering! Premium soaps, one being caress with additional liquid oiling type premium soaps is great for your skin; and this towel is without a doubt the greatest item I’ve ever used in producing soap. Also the soaping reaction helps in the stimulation process with the surface! This is a re-review from the first one. If the Manufacturer only knew what he had here, he’d sell a billion! I’m keeping my (2) towels and alerting all friends!

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