The patented pleat technology makes SpaCloth both unique and effective as your skincare product.

patented pleats

The majority of SpaCloth competitors do one or the other (wash or exfoliate) but do not do both effectively. While a nylon cloth is effective for exfoliation, it is rough on the skin and does not have the flexibility of cotton fibers to clean and absorb the soap residue on various layers of the skin. And the standard washcloth has the reverse effect, it can provide a cleaning experience but does little in the way of exfoliation.

This is the reason that our patented pleats technology makes SpaCloth a unqiue choice as a skincare product and so effective as an all encompassing skin care solution.

Why does it make a difference?

​The patented pleat technology is one of the key ingredients that make SpaCloth both unique and so effective as your skincare product.

The top layer has a cotton weave designed to wash the skin, while the nylon pleats serve a dual purpose.

The first is that the pleats are able to hold the liquid soap for cleaning the skin and the second is that the pleats follow the cleansing with an exfoliation of the skin.

SpaCloth is a patented microdermabrasion

No other product provides a dual cleansing and exfoliation experience at the same time like SpaCloth’s patented technology.

Enjoy a clean feeling and rejuvenation of  your skin

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