We are happy to answer a few of your commonly asked questions regarding SpaCloth and how it relates to your skincare.

If you have additional questions that are not addressed in this section, please contact us.

How Do The Patented Pleats Help My Skin?

The patented pleats are the exciting part of the SpaCloth® product. The patented pleats technology, in addition to properly exfoliating the skin, also retains the liquid soap that provides the lubricant to first wash the skin and then exfoliate the skin. This feature allows the SpaCloth® to feel much better than a 100% nylon cloth and makes it very effective as both a cleaning and exfoliating product.

Is There A Difference Between The Colors?

Most of our products are available in three color choices: Yellow/Green, Pink/Purple, and White. The White SpaCloth® is made of a tighter weave, allowing for a more astringent exfoliation. It is perfect for people who want a more powerful cloth, however it is not recommended for those with sensitive skin. The Yellow/Green and Pink/Purple colors are gentler on the skin.

Can I Machine Wash My SpaCloth?

For the best use of your SpaCloth, we suggest that you use a hand wash your SpaCloth and then air dry it. However, if you are unable to hand wash your SpaCloth, we recommend using a gentle cycle followed by air dry.

How Is SpaCloth Different Than A Washcloth?

SpaCloth is a proven product that is cleaner, safer and more hygenic than other bath products like the traditional washcloth. Unlike the washcloth, SpaCloth does not harbor bacteria after use and it is very easy to clean and reuse. Other products like traditional washcloths simply move dirt around on the surface of the skin. SpaCloth efficiently exfoliates away dirt, pollutants, as well as dead skin cells.

How Does It Affect My Skin?

SpaCloth is the ONLY patented body-exfoliating cloth using our pleated technology. This allows the skin to pampered as dulling dead skin cells and dirt are removed, thus revealing healthy, glowing, younger looking skin. It also cleans without chemicals which leaves the skin soft and supple.

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