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this is for SEO.SpaCloth is a patented microdermabrasion pleated exfoliating skin care cloth that is a much better alternative for your skin care than using a wash cloth or loofah. Regular use of SpaCloth helps to improve your skin in ways that cause your skin to radiate with its natural beauty. This includes diminishing acne, blackheads, scars, the appearance of wrinkles and age spots along with evening out the skin tone and keeping oily skin under control.SpaCloth’s patened pleat technology gives your skin a renewed cleansing and removes pore-clogging dirt and bacteria along with increasing blood flow to encourage skin cell reproduction.

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Our headquarters is in Washington, D.C. USA.  We would be happy to arrange a presentation of our product process. Just contact us.


Call our wonderful customer care for info or support: 1.800.411.1631


You can also send us a message. Our mail address is or just complete the form above.